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The Ultimate Unofficial Guide to The Stealth Forex Trading System!  Up to date 2015

Overview of the Stealth Forex System

     I've been financial trading, on and off, for about ten years. In that time, I've made and lost a great deal of money! There's no doubt about it, trading is the only way the average person stands a chance of becoming rich. Forex - or currency trading - is highly fashionable right now and a lot of publicity has been given to 'Expert Advisors' or EAs. The claim is that they make you rich while you sleep but the reality is they are more like to make you broke! The truth is, Forex is highly risky and you will find other instruments such as oil much easier. In fact, the system I would most highly recommend is my own www.RichLazyTrader.com which overcomes all the pitfalls associated with Forex day trading.

   Stealth Forex works a little like an Expert Advisor but, as the originator of the program will tell you, there's no such thing as automated riches when it comes to Forex! It consists of four Indicators which you load into MetaTrader 4 (link given to a free, everlasting demo version) and an audible alert gizmo so that you don't have to be glued to the screen all day. Here it is showing an alert for the EUR/USD. It will give an alert for any or all of the currency pairs with a chart. The trick is to choose the correct pairs if you want good profits. My Ultimate Stealth Guide will tell you this and a great deal more!

Updated To Include Longer-Term Trading. Less chart watching needed.

   Below is a screenshot showing how it looks in action. The 'Stealth Earlybird' Indicator actually produces buy and sell arrows above and below the candlesticks on the chart. In themselves, these are pretty good and perform better than any other Indicator I've seen. However, it's easy to produce trading signals - the trouble is that too many turn out to be false! So, the Stealth System also incorporates three other indicators which you can see below and all of these have to be in agreement before we trade. In practice, they turn out to be incredibly successful with very, very few losers.

    You may find reviews of this system elsewhere on the web which claim that the indicators are just the standard ones available anywhere. This usually refers to earlier versions but is most definitely not true for this latest, version 10.0 edition. I have found custom indicators that come close but those little red and green arrows are uniquely accurate!

    For example, in the week before I wrote this, it gave me 29 trade signals, only 2 of which made a small loss. That is truly unbelievable - the usual results average about 2 out of 3 winners, with the win profit greatly exceeding the average loss. Of course, it's not completely black and white 'straight out of the box' for three reasons. Firstly, you need some experience at picking the good trades because, very often, all the indicators are not in agreement at exactly the same time, but I've found that they still work within a certain margin either side. Secondly, extensive testing has shown me that the Stealth Forex System works best on a particular four currency pairs (including the obvious and recommended EUR/USD). Thirdly, I only trade from the 15 minute chart whereas the Stealth System outlines trading this and two other ways. Trades last between 30 and 240 minutes. All this information is my Ultimate Stealth Forex Guide.

   Bottom line is I'm very impressed with this system and equally impressed by the support from Martin and Virginia - I only mailed them once, before I bought it, but everyone says they respond quickly and are helpful. Don't just take my word for it, check out what other people have to say on the Internet.

    If you really want to quit your job and make money from home with small capital, this is the way to go, for sure. I recommend anyone who purchases this system get my comprehensive, 33 page Stealth Forex Ultimate Guide e-book. This details the best use of the Stealth system including which are the most successful four currency pairs to trade, how to read the indicators to best advantage and also includes a one click template to automatically set up your charts to look as pretty as the one above! Also contains my method for trading gold using the Stealth System. This guide will definitely ensure that you make more profits - it is well worth the extra $29.95 as it will increase your profits enormously. The Stealth Forex system will cost you $199.00 but you will make that back and more very easily.

Find out more about my Ultimate Stealth Forex Guide e-book:

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2013 Stealth results using this system

January Results = 3,780 pips profit.

February Results = 3,940 pips profit.

March Results = 3,189 pips profit.

April Results = 4,025 pips profit.

May Results = 3640 pips profit.

June Results = 2970 pips profit

July Results = 3,840 pips profit

August Results = 2,880 pips profit

September Results = 3,450 pips profit

October Results = 2,190 pips profit (odd month!)

November Results = 3,630 pips profit

December Results = 3,190 pips profit (no trading over Xmas/New Year)

These results are so high because they include all eight that we trade and for 24 hrs, 5 days a week (impossible for one person!).

I stopped posting further results as it should be clear consistent profits are available! I also now use my own Forex program, www.RichLazyTrader.com